Characteristic Someone Who Love to You

Sorry for my English 🙂

This note dedicated for someone

Someone who loves you has never been able to give reasons why He loves you. What he knew in his heart, his mind, there’s only you, only one.

Someone who loves you always wanted to know about you, whatever you go through this all day, he wants to know you activity.

Someone who loves you will always remember every moment that he spent with you,event you have forget it, because those moments are precious moment for him.

Someone who loves you always remember every word every story you say, event you have forget it. He always remember, because he pinned your words, your story in his heart.

Someone who loves you always watching you,  he’s always looking for you when he has not seen you. Because he was worried about you, he cares about you.

Someone who loves you will learn to like your favorite songs, because he wanted to know you’re your favorite songs.

Someone who loves you often do things that make you sometime bad mood, like 100 times SMS a day, always sent SMS you.  Actually when he always thinking about you.

Someone who loves you will send an SMS like ‘good morning’, ‘have fun’, ‘enjoy your meal’, ‘good night’, ‘take care’, etc., although you do not reply that SMS, because through the SMS he show that he love you , he expressed in different ways, he not say “I LOVE you.”

And if you try to make distance himself it or react to reject it, he will be aware of it and disappear from your life, even if it killed him. . .


About vincenthree

Im young, talented, I like a challenge, reliable, and creative. I try to share about news, knowledge and my experience in my life, my college, you can read any topics, more than digital, IT, musics, autos, adventure, healthy life, etc
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