Waaa… Avira AV Hapus File-File Master

haduh.. ini Fault Detection apa ya???

hmm.. padahal AVira Av d.laptop dah slalu update kq.. wah pusing saya…

pas aku colokin HD eksternal,, tiba2 kdetect virus.. padahal tu master program-program... Koq ya dianggep virus.. haduh...

lalu aku liat LOG file… aku buka pake Notepad.. dan ini hasilX

wah.. yang aku garis merah.. setup program2.. tapi kdetect virus..


About vincenthree

Im young, talented, I like a challenge, reliable, and creative. I try to share about news, knowledge and my experience in my life, my college, you can read any topics, more than digital, IT, musics, autos, adventure, healthy life, etc
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