Most Playing in My WMP

hmm.. karna saya libur dirumah dan tak tahu mau ngapain, kali ini saya mau nulis tentang lagu yang didominasi dengan lagu bertema ‘PKK’.. hahaha.. ya teman2 saya mengistilahkan ‘PKK’ yang singkatan dari “Pink Kembang-Kembang”… wkwkwk 😀

Aerosmith – I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing

Daniel Bedingfield – If You Are Not The One

Michael Learn To Rock (MLTR) –  You Took My Heart Away

Michael Learn To Rock (MLTR) – Paint My Love

Michael Learn To Rock (MLTR) – Sleeping child

Michael Learn To Rock (MLTR) – 25 Minutes

Lifehouse – You and Me

311 – Love Song

3 Doors Down – Let Me Go

Five for Fighting – 100 years



About vincenthree

Im young, talented, I like a challenge, reliable, and creative. I try to share about news, knowledge and my experience in my life, my college, you can read any topics, more than digital, IT, musics, autos, adventure, healthy life, etc
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