Smartfren Panen Komplain, Pelanggan Pindah Beralih Operator Lain

Bulan Maret 2013 ini pelanggan Smartfren dibuat emosi oleh kacau’a jaringan data Smartfren. Di Kaskus sudah banyak user yang ngomel-ngomel akibat mereka kecewa dengan kualitas layanan Smartfren. Beberapa hal yang  membuat kesal ialah tidak stabilnya koneksi internet yang diberikan oleh provider Smartfren.

Selain itu pengubahan skema layanan data unlimited menjadi limited dengan FUP (Fair Usage Policy) Bulanan membuat pelanggan yang telah setia menggunakan dengan Smartfren merasa benar-benar kecewa karena perubahan skema yang berlaku per 1 Maret 2013 ini merugikan user pengguna layanan data Smartfren.

Pertengahan Maret ini pengguna Smartfren semakin mengeluhkan layanan data yang benar-benar mengecewakan. Ternyata terjadi gangguan infrastruktur kabel transmisi bawah laut milik Smartfren.

Berikut tulisan dari Enricho Lukman, yang menulis artikel di

There were about 3,200 complaints posted on the Smartfren’s Facebook post on Friday alone. Plus there are around 300 comments for each Smartfren post in the last week which mostly are complaints about the company’s sporadic mobile modem and CDMA internet services.

The customers seem pretty pissed off as they are suggesting the company to change its name from Smartfren to Smartpret (a combination of “Smartfren” and Indonesian word “kampret” which means “schucks”), and to change the company’s tagline from “I hate slow” to “I hate fast.” A lot of the customers complain that they haven’t been able to use their topped up internet credits for quite some time, and some of them they can’t even open Google with their crippled connections.


It’s not clear if Smartfren will offer compensation to its customers because of this prolonged issue. These days, Smartfren and other local telcos must be more wary about their services and advertisements because the Indonesian ICT ministry is now taking a closer look at what exactly they are promising – and actually delivering. Smartfren’s current predicament totally doesn’t match with its “I hate slow” motto, and many are feeling ripped off for not getting a reliable internet connection for two straight weeks, and possibly longer.

The last time Blackberry’s BBM service went haywire, the Indonesian government could only give the Canada-based company a warning. Smartfren’s problem could potentially go for over half a month. Will the government do something about it?

Sebagai salah satu pelanggan setia Smartfren beberapa hal yang mengecewakan membuat saya beralih dari provider Smartfren seperti teman-teman di Kaskus yang dengan kecewa pindah layanan operator.

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